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Thank you very much for everything that you have done for me. You did an excellent job on my teeth. Oliver. Chicago, IL.

Thanks for fixing my smile. Keep up the good work! Joshua. Chicago, IL.

Everyone will be treated as we treat our own family members -

We are committed to rendering the highest standard of care -

Thank you for the nice smile that you gave me. I hope to keep my teeth straight. Sam, Chicago, IL.

Thanks for perfecting my smile. My teeth are very straight Thanks again for all your work.. Karen. Chicago, IL.

Dear Dr. Al Bareedi, thank you very much for giving me a perfect smile. You are the greatest orthodontist that I have ever had. Robert. Chicago, IL.

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Orthodontic Treatment at the Orthodontic Specialty Center by Dr AlBareedi -

Quality orthodontic care, Chicago city area cosmetic dentistry -

Dear Dr. Al Bareedi, thank you very much for my wonderful smile. S. Chicago, IL.

Dr. Said AlBareedi, Member of the American Association of Orthodontists -

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